About us

Being in the specialty restaurant equipment service business for over 30 years has given us a lot of experience with commercial restaurant equipment.  Henny Penny fryers, Hoshizaki ice makers, Silver King commercial refrigeration, soft serve and frozen drink machines.  We try to specialize in a few manufacturers lines so that we can be the experts and give the best customer service possible.  Working for one of the first representatives for Hoshizaki in Arizona in 1985 we have seen the line up of equipment grow from 12 different models of ice makers in 1985 to hundreds of different variations of ice makers, refrigerators, freezers and prep tables.

 I have attended the factory sponsored training classes and toured the Hoshizaki factory where the ice makers are assembled.  I have Train the Trainer status with the Hoshizaki service department.  Our company, TriPower Enterprises, is a Factory Authorized Hoshizaki warranty service agent.  We are able to install, repair and sell Hoshizaki products.

You will receive personalized service for every service event at a competitive price point.

For more information please call (602) 620-4278 to speak to our service department or to place a service call.

We look forward to providing assistance to you and your business.

Thank you

Rory Gagnon

TriPower Enterprises